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Julie Sudol '22

Funeral Service Program

Meet Julie Sudol ’22, a graduate from the 4Cs Funeral Service program and a resident of Somerset, MA. Prior to enrolling at Cape Cod Community College, Julie received her undergrad in biology at Tulane University and worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines before switching focus to raise a family. When her children were old enough to be in school, and the rise of hybrid education making access to higher education easier than ever, she decided to pursue something new.

Becoming a funeral director.

Julie Sudol photo

While noting that it seemed like an odd choice to some, Julie saw it as a perfect blend of her two passions: science and customer service.

“The Funeral Service program is a mix of what I love. Most people think that funeral service is working with the dead, but the majority is working with the living and helping them through a very difficult time. I want people to look back and say, ‘that was a really dark time in my life, and she helped me through it.’”

The hybrid format that 4Cs provides has helped Julie balance her personal life with her education.

“Hybrid is great. If I need to stay at home for my kids, I can be here. If I really need some extra focus I can go in person. It’s so important having the option to be online or in-person.” 

Along with the benefit of hybrid classes, it was the close-knit community and getting to know her professors that really set 4Cs apart. 

“When I was at a larger school, I never got to know my professors. Here they all want to see you succeed. In funeral service or in regular classes, everyone wants the best for you at 4Cs.”  

A piece of advice that Julie has for anyone looking to enter the funeral service program is:

“Be prepared to work. Be prepared to study hard. Show up and put in an effort. You’ll be dealing with the public during a very difficult time in their life so make sure you’re mature enough to do that.”